Student Achievement Sunday
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Office Volunteers Needed
If you are retired or out of work, and are interested in serving in God's house, please speak with Julian Hobdy about volunteering at the Administrative Office.   We could use your time and talents, whether it's greeting the members of our community by answering phones or working with the bulletins or filing, a need, wherever the need, needs to be filled; your energy and presence are welcomed!  

Imagine No Malaria
Campus Drive is looking for church members and others who will prayerfully consider participating in the Imagine No Malaria effort.   We're looking for people who are interested in sewing, crafts, drawing, and other creative skills.   We are also looking for anyone with ideas on how to raise funds beyond our congregation.   Last of all, we need people to sell items that are made.   Our foal is to raise $3,000,000 over the next 3 years!  

Pennies to the Trinity
The Bring Your Pennies to the Trinity program is in full swing!!   Receptacles are set up for you to bring your loose change and offer it as a gift.   This is a great way to raise money as we will have the receptacles up through the end of the year.  

Sunday School is Alive and Vibrant!
Utilize this great resource to help you dive a little deeper into the scriptures in a forum setting.   If you have not found a place in Sunday School, please be here at 9:00am every Sunday morning.   Our Superintendent, Maurice Dancer, is excited about helping you find your way.  


Central Texas Conference
The Central Texas Annual Conference will be convening from June 5th - June 8th.   This year the conference will be held in Waco.   For more information about registration, hotel accommodations, etc., please contact the church office at 817 921-5673.  

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